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 (mā′rət, mîr′ət)
A city of north-central India northeast of Delhi. It was the site of the first uprising (May 1857) against the British in the Indian Mutiny.


(Placename) an industrial city in N India, in W Uttar Pradesh: founded as a military base by the British in 1806 and scene of the first uprising (1857) of the Indian Mutiny. Pop: 1 074 229 (2001)


(ˈmɪər ət)

a city in W Uttar Pradesh, in N India. 753,778.
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So when I had come down here I slipped in private wire to Mahbub - he was at Meerut for races - and I tell him how case stands.
Tenders are invited for Etender For Repair/Maintenance Of Lt Panel, Joints,Mccbs And Lt Overhead Line With Allied Works At Src,4 Jak Area Under Bhagat Line Feeder And Solar Street Light Under Ge(U) E/M Meerut Cantt
An LIC agent, Mamata and her husband were on their way to pay their electricity bill when her husband's motorcycle was hit by a car near the busy Katchehri Bridge in Meerut City.
Meerut/Srinagar: Around 60 Kashmiri college students studying in Meerut were Thursday charged with sedition by north Indian state Uttar Pradesh police for cheering Pakistan's victory against India during a recent cricket match, an action that sparked an outrage in Kashmir Valley.
In a shocking incident, a wild leopard strolled into a hospital and attacked six people in the Northern Indian city of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.
24 ( ANI ): A wild leopard sparked off panic in Meerut when the big cat strayed into a crowded locality and later took refuge in a hospital, forcing the authorities to call for a shutdown in the city on Monday.
Tenders are invited for Provn Of Fly Proofing Of Certain Md Accn At Bhagat Line And Special Repair To Refined Oil Shed At Asc (Sup) Under Age B/R-Iii Of Ge (South) Meerut Cantt.
THE ruling Samajwadi Party ( SP) and the opposition BJP traded barbs on Tuesday over the prevailing tense situation in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh.
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) Oct 10 (ANI): The Meerut police on Saturday arrested a person identified as Rahul Chaudhary, allegedly the key accused in the murder of India's Under-19 cricketer Gangandeep Singh.
Tenders are invited for Etender For Repair/Maintenance Of Ht Vcb/Ocb And Allied Works Under Age E/M (E/S) Of Ge(U) E/M Meerut Cantt
Traditionally, the electorate across Meerut has voted on caste lines and most feel that Nagma, being an "actor from Mumbai and hence an outsider, is unlikely to remain loyal and committed to the constituency".
Tenders are invited for Miscellaneous B/R Repair Works For Seepage Removal In Md Accn Under Age B/R-Iii Of Ge (South) Meerut Cantt.