v. t.1.To render fit.
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Edward Butler, Rubric Lois King; Sunny Bains, Rubric Lois King; Sam Meeten, Wolfs Estate Agents.
We even had singing and dancing from Noel, his brother Michael and Tom Meeten, which the audience lapped up.
He was accompanied by actor pal Tom Meeten, who just happens to play Warhol in E4 comedy series Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, and later Instagrammed a pic of his pal with the caption: Warhol on Warhol.
I'm taking along my brother Michael, because it's nice to hang out with him, and Tom Meeten who played Andy Warhol in Luxury Comedy.
There will also be muscular support from the loose stylings of Mike Fielding (Naboo/ Smooth) and the physical lunacy of Tom Meeten (The Mighty Boosh/Oram & Meeten).
Jon Meeten, head of tax for KPMG in Scotland, said: "The potential creation of an independent and wholly separate Scottish tax system could give rise to a period of uncertainty for businesses and individuals, as well as create opportunities to design a more effective system tailored to Scotland's specific requirements.
Kneisly - Angelica and Meeten Kneisly, of Eugene, a son.
Out there in the damp grass a greeting from the Middle Ages slides past: Helix pomatia, the subtly glistening gray-yellow snail with its house askew, introduced by monks who loved escargots--yes , the Franciscans were here, broke stone and burned lime, the island was theirs in 1288, a gift from King Magnus ("Thes almesse and othere suche / thei meeten him nu in hevenriche") the forest fell, the kilns burned, the lime was sailed in to build the monastery .
From knitwear and jewellery to lapidary and glass blowing, the exhibitors include: Angus Ross, Breanish Tweed, Bailey Tomlin, Carreducker, Cumbria Crystal, Shawstephens, Eloise Gray, Fair Isle Knitwear, Gaskell Quartz, Helen Amy Murray, Jacqueline Cullen, Jessica Poole, Mr Smith, Natasha Daintry, Ndidi Ekubia, Ptolemy Mann, Rothschild & Bickers, Sasha Wardell, Sophie Coryndon and Wayne Meeten.
The Sultan Kutai concession was given in 1888 with the Dutch firm JH Meeten having found the Sanga-Sanga field.
The shroud is yet unspread To wrap our crowned dead; His soul hath scarcely hearkened for the thrilling word of doom; And Death, that makes serene, Ev'n brows where crowns have been, Hath scarcely time to meeten his for silence of the tomb.
After studying at Hope University, Chandrika Meeten and Karen Johnston, left, found jobs within the Knowsley Play Therapy Service where, as well as dealing with children on a one-to-one basis, they run group sessions in schools.