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n. Abbr. Mc


(Units) another name for megahertz


(ˈmɛg əˌhɜrts)

n., pl. -hertz, -hertz•es.
a unit of frequency equal to one million cycles per second. Abbr.: MHz
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Noun1.megacycle - one million periods per secondmegacycle - one million periods per second  
kc, kHz, kilocycle, kilocycle per second, kilohertz - one thousand periods per second
rate - a magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit; "they traveled at a rate of 55 miles per hour"; "the rate of change was faster than expected"


[ˈmegəˌsaɪkl] Nmegaciclo m
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These deposits document a transgressive-regressive megacycle, and form the Baunei Group (Costamagna et al.
The geopolitical component of this oil megacycle can be particularly insidious.
Interbedded open-water and poorly drained deposits at the base of megacycle 15 also suggest gradual flooding and fluctuations in water depth.
In structurally complex materials like wood, the most appropriate method for studying impact bending behavior is the Charpy method in its instrumented version, with electronic devices that allow the situation of the load on the test piece and its deformation to be known step by step, with sampling frequencies of up to 1 megacycle, (Sims 1988, Blackman and Williams 1999, Tan 2000).
8] megacycle fatigue developing in the presence of microplastic deformations at micro- and macroscopic level near a failure zone;
Megacycle quartz resonators were developed as frequency stabilizers for vacuum-tube oscillators, resulting in a ten-fold increase in stability.