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n. pl. kami
Any of the sacred beings worshiped in Shintoism, conceived as spirits abiding in natural phenomena and sometimes in people with extraordinary qualities.



n, pl -mi
(Other Non-Christian Religions) (in Shinto)a divine being or spiritual force
[C18: from Japanese: god, lord]


(ˈkɑ mi)
n., pl. -mi.
(in Shintoism) an animistic god or spirit that imbues a phenomenon of nature.
[1720–30; < Japanese kami(y)]


This means mystical, superior or divine. It is a sacred and divine power assigned to various gods and dieties, but kami can be found in many things.
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Noun1.kami - one the Shinto deities (including mythological beings, spirits of distinguished men, forces of nature)Kami - one the Shinto deities (including mythological beings, spirits of distinguished men, forces of nature)
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