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An ancient city of northwest Palestine on the southern edge of the Plain of Esdraelon. It was the scene of many battles throughout early history because of its strategic position on the route connecting Egypt with Mesopotamia.


(Placename) an ancient town in N Palestine, strategically located on a route linking Egypt to Mesopotamia: site of many battles, including an important Egyptian victory over rebel chieftains in 1469 or 1468 bc. See also Armageddon


(məˈgɪd oʊ)

an ancient city in N Israel, on the plain of Esdraelon: often identified with the Biblical Armageddon.
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Including Daphnis Kokkinos (Pina Bausch Tanztheater), Jamie Wood (Clown), Autour Du Mime and Adam Meggido, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
While Meggido was an Old Testament battleground, it's unclear when Armageddon as the site of apocalyptic battle was first conceived.
Co-written by Mischief Theatre company members Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is directed by Adam Meggido, with set designs by Simon Scullion and costume designs by Roberto Surace.
In amateur theatre, anything can happen and frequently does, something the skilful director, Adam Meggido, knows well and which he uses to flesh out his comic send-up.
He hides in his apartment as it is ravaged by the army, and plots his escape, swimming up the Mediterranean and then trekking inland, through the valley leading past Har Meggido (or Armageddon) to Ein Harod and salvation.
Al-Sabe' (Bir Sheva), Hadarim, Jalbou', Shatta, Meggido, Ramleh, Al-Damon and
3bn's worth of weaponry last year, much of it to that same Middle East where the sands have been soaked with blood since history's first recorded battle, Meggido (Armaggedon) in 1500BC.
PNN Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights condemned the confiscation of the prisoner Nidal Fattash's artworks and drawings by the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) in Meggido prison.
The case of Arafat Jaradat, who died after being detained in Israel's Meggido prison in February and was allegedly subjected to torture in the al-Jalameh interrogation facility, sparked a backlash among rights group over G4S equipment.
The father-of-two died at Meggido prison, from what the Israel Prison Service (IPS) said appeared to be a heart attack.
Israel Prisons Service spokeswoman Sivan Weizman said Jaradat, a 30-year-old father of two from the West Bank city of Hebron, died suddenly at Meggido detention centre in northern Israel.
Israeli Prisons Service Spokeswoman Sivan Weizman said Arafat Jaradat, a 30-year-old from the West Bank city of Al-Khalil died suddenly at the Meggido detention centre in northern Israel.