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A state of eastern India between Assam and Bangladesh. Formerly a part of Assam, Meghalaya attained full statehood in 1972.


(Placename) a state of NE India, created in 1969 from part of Assam. Capital: Shillong. Pop: 2 306 069 (2001). Area: 22 429 sq km (7800 sq miles)


(ˌmeɪ gəˈleɪ ə)
a state in NE India. 1,774,778; 8785 sq. mi. (22,489 sq. km). Cap.: Shillong.
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Mukul Sangma, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Government of Meghalaya on Thursday inaugurated the Conclave at U Soso Tham Auditorium, where delegates from South East Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore and Indonesia have participated.
A presidential communication said that Qureshi has been transferred and appointed as governor of Mizoram for the remainder of his term till May 2017 and Meghalaya Governor K.
Bangalore, June 22 ( ANI ): In a major breakthrough, the Bangalore and Meghalaya police carried out a combined operation and arrested Rafiush Sangma, the vice chairman of the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA).
Guwahati: The election department of Meghalaya is banking on music and kites -- the two favourite pastimes of the people of the region -- to create awareness among voters, especially first-time voters, to encourage them to exercise their franchise.
NEW DELHI, Jan 12 (KUNA) -- At least four rebels were killed in a clash with police in India's north eastern state of Meghalaya, police said Sunday.
The All-Assam Minority Students' Union (MSU) have sought a tripartite talks with Assam, Meghalaya and civil bodies in Mancachar to end the deadlock, which has created an unrest in Garo Hills region of Meghalaya, Mancachar and Goalpara.
More than 75% of all the cases in Meghalaya had been observed in Garo Hills area (East, West, and South Garo Hills district).
Summary: Shillong: Meghalaya has been put under high alert in line with the advisory issued to .
Adolf Hitler never died and Frankenstein's monster is reala[bar] that is, if one goes by the slate of candidates running in elections this week in the remote northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya.
Combined with four singers from Meghalaya the effect is stunning.
India is to construct new airports at Kargil in Kashmir and Meghalaya under a plan put forward by the Minister for Civil Aviation.