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A state of eastern India between Assam and Bangladesh. Formerly a part of Assam, Meghalaya attained full statehood in 1972.


(Placename) a state of NE India, created in 1969 from part of Assam. Capital: Shillong. Pop: 2 306 069 (2001). Area: 22 429 sq km (7800 sq miles)


(ˌmeɪ gəˈleɪ ə)
a state in NE India. 1,774,778; 8785 sq. mi. (22,489 sq. km). Cap.: Shillong.
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The U-14 boys' team won all three league matches by huge margins and reached the quarter-final stage of the tournament, where they lost to the Meghalya opponents in a penalty shootout.
States like Meghalya (also known as the Switzerland of India) Manipur, Assam and Himachal Pradesh are very unique in their offerings with food, culture, wildlife, traditions and history.
However, in Meghalya among both injectors and non-injectors it was abysmally low (three percent) 31.
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Bantainam, aged two years and 10 months, is a child of the Khasi tribe in the town of Shillong in the north-eastern Indian state of Meghalya.