Mehmed II

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Meh·med II

(mĕ-mĕd′) or Meh·met II (-mĕt′) also Mu·ham·mad II (mo͝o-hăm′ĭd, -hä′mĭd) Known as "the Conqueror." 1429?-1481.
Sultan of Turkey (1451-1481) and founder of the Ottoman Empire. He conquered Constantinople in 1453 and made it his capital.
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It was converted into a mosque after Sultan Mehmet II (The Conquerer) conquered Istanbul in 1453.
Gentile Bellini's work at the court of Mehmet II and the exotic eastern portrayals in the canvases of Bellini, Carpaccio, and Mansueti are all given due consideration in this memorable tableaux of Venice's hybrid artistic character.
The Treasury, built as a summer palace for Mehmet II, houses fantastic pieces of jewellery collected by the sultans over the centuries.
The thirty-five year period from 1453 to 1489, beginning with the Turkish conquest of Constantinople and culminating in a remarkable portrait of Mehmet II painted by Gentile Bellini, proved to be pivotal for two empires, the Ottoman and the Venetian.
Mehmet II turned the Queen of Cities into his new capital, Istanbul, and transformed one of the greatest monuments of Christian civilization, the basilica of Haggia Sophia, or Sacred Wisdom, into a mosque.
Of course, it later fell into the possession of the Ottoman Turks when, at the age of 21, on May 29, 1453 Mehmet II rode into Constantinople and conquered it.
The museum keeps memories of the conquest by the Ottoman Islamic leader, Mehmet II (Al-Fatih).
When Ottoman forces under Mehmet II conquered the city in 1453 he ordered the immediate conversion of the Hagia Sophia into a mosque.
In Constantinople, aACAyAli Al Qushji was appointed a mudarris (teacher) at the Hagia Sophia School of Sultan Mehmet II, where the scientist composed his "Risalah dar Hayat" (1470) in Persian.
The Ottomans became a regional power in 1453, when Sultan Mehmet II conquered Istanbul, connecting the empire's domains in Europe and Asia.
Prudlo, professor of medieval history at Jacksonville State University in Alabama, to Vatican Radio: "The Ottoman emperor, Mehmet II, had taken Constantinople in 1453 with an army of 250,000, and pacified the Balkan regions.