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(ˈhɒbɪmə; Dutch ˈhɔbəmaː)
(Biography) Meindert (ˈmaɪndərt). 1638–1709, Dutch painter of peaceful landscapes, usually including a watermill


(ˈhɒb ə mə)

Meindert, 1638–1709, Dutch painter.
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Incorporating colorplates of his paintings and drawings throughout, he documents them from his early to later years, including what they reveal about the Netherlands, and discusses Windmill at Wijk bij Duurstede and Two Undershot Water Mills with an Open Sluice in depth, as well as his achievements, the impact on his pupil Meindert Hobbema, who also used the motif, and the history of collecting these mill paintings and their reception by later artists and critics.
Turner and the granular oil stick of Jasper Johns) to outright copies of works by Nicolas Poussin and Meindert Hobbema, among others (though these were not on view here).
Meindert Hobbema vivifies the richly ochreous decay of his Watermill (c.