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Noun1.Philipp Melanchthon - German theologian and Luther's successor as leader of the Reformation in Germany (1497-1560)Philipp Melanchthon - German theologian and Luther's successor as leader of the Reformation in Germany (1497-1560)
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Martin Luther translated twenty of these fables, and was urged by Melancthon to complete the whole; while Gottfried Arnold, the celebrated Lutheran theologian, and librarian to Frederick I, king of Prussia, mentions that the great Reformer valued the Fables of Aesop next after the Holy Scriptures.
Contract Awarded Selected as the Condition Monitoring System (CMS) provider to upgrade the turbines of the Melancthon wind farm located in Ontario, Canada.
Karmiris,"Luther and Melancthon on the Orthodox Church," Theologia 34:1 (1963), 15 (in Greek).
Deftly dealing in the social media of that day, Luther's images were broadcast by such renowned German artists as Lucas Cranach, and his philosophy interpreted by such theologians as Melancthon.
com)-- Canadian singer/songwriter and award-winning multi-instrumentalist, Ed Roman has entered the studios at Area 51 in Melancthon, Ontario, to begin recording his new album, titled Red Omen.
1) This includes the Sarum litany for Rogation Monday (similar to the present Roman Catholic Litany of the Saints); an eighth-century litany from the pontifical of Egbert, Archbishop of York; a medieval litany from Germany revised by Luther in 1528 or 1529 (published in both German and Latin); a German litany drawn up in 1543 by Phillip Melancthon and Martin Bucer for a prayer book commissioned by Archbishop Hermann of Cologne; the litany in Marshall's Primer of 1535; the 5th volume of a collection by Genricus Canisuius entitled Antiquae Lectiones (including litanies of Ratpertus and Notker); and certain Greek litanies originating in the Orthodox Church.
PETERSON, "The Humanistic, Fideistic Philosophy of Philip Melancthon (1947-1560).
Just recently in Melancthon, Ontario, Canada, protesters showed up in numbers to oppose an aggregate project that they say will wreak havoc on the local ecological communities.
Melancthon was a tireless Protestant reformer who, in 1519 published De rhetorica libri tres, in 1528 a logic text book, and then in 1547 another rhetoric text book, Elementa rhetorices libri duo, that Mack calls one of the most influential of the century (107).
Many people I know were among the 28,000 who protested the "Mega Quarry" by attending Foodstock in Melancthon Township near Orangeville, Ontario.