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Mel·chiz·e·dek 1

In the Bible, the high priest and king of Salem who blessed Abraham.

[Hebrew malkî-ṣedeq : melek, king; see mlk in Semitic roots + , my + ṣedeq, righteousness; see ṣdq in Semitic roots.]

Mel·chiz·e·dek 2

n. Mormon Church
The higher order of priesthood.

[After Melchizedek.]

Mel·chiz′e·dek′ adj.


(Bible) Old Testament the priest-king of Salem who blessed Abraham (Genesis 14:18–19) and was taken as a prototype of Christ's priesthood (Hebrews 7). Douay spelling: Melchisedech


(mɛlˈkɪz ɪˌdɛk)

1. a priest and king of Salem. Gen. 14:18.
2. the higher order of priests in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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Among the topics are the story of Abraham and Melchizedek in the Palaea Historica, revisiting Seth in the legend of the wood of the cross: interdisciplinary perspectives between text and image, seeing the end: the vocabulary of the end time in Syriac Apocalypse of Daniel 13, the Testament of Adam in Arabic dress: two Coptic-Arabic witnesses of the narrative type b, and human and divine justice in the Testament of Abraham.
He was formerly Adam, Enoch, Melchizedek, Joseph, Joshua, Asaph, Jeshua, and Zend.
The book our research is focused on is a translation after a work attributed by tradition to Saint Athanasius the Great: The Story of Melchizedek.
King Melchizedek shares bread and wine with Abraham at the end of a successful battle, and we hear the echo of Eucharist in this early blessed dinner.
The older Landone had spent his life with the Gnostic Order of Melchizedek and written a number of spiritual texts, such as Transforming Your Life in 24 Hours.
The first priests shown by the Bible were such foreigners as Melchizedek, the king of a city in Canaan, who brought bread and wine as offering, and Abraham gave him tithes of everything (Genesis 14: 18-20).
The Governor, according to a statement issued on Monday by his Chief Press Secretary, Daniel Iworiso-Markson, made the observation during the States Monthly Praise Night at the Palace of Melchizedek, in Toru Orua, his hometown in Sagbama LGA of the state.
Also: "When he says of Jesus that he is 'Moses placed among us,' he is quite simply using a turn of phrase analogous to the one Saint Ambrose will repeat in speaking of Melchizedek.
The complex of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral includes the cathedral church, the palace and the gates of the Katolikos Melchizedek that date from the 11th century, built on the site of earlier churches dating back to the 5th century.
Moreover, John calls Theodosius both emperor and bishop (antistes) and discusses Melchizedek, the priest-king of Salem, soon afterwards.
These verses state, "One might even say that Levi, who collects the tenth, paid the tenth through Abraham, because when Melchizedek met Abraham, Levi was still in the body [Greek, osphus means "loins, reproductive organs"] of his ancestor.