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The highest NDIN content was found for Melia azedarach while Kirkia acuminata had the highest value of ADIN.
Tropical hibiscus and Melia azedarach, from southern Asia with its heavenly perfumed soft lilac flowers in early spring, are just a few of the lovely flowering trees which brighten up our lives.
Three fast-growing trees, namely Acacia saligna, Conocarpus erectus, and Melia azedarach, as well as date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) midribs, were evaluated for their suitability for particleboard production.
Hence, keeping the miseries of skin patients in view and WHO's recommendations for the use of indigenous medicinal plants as an efficient and readily available substitute of conventional drugs, the present work deals with the clinical trials of newly formulated herbal cream of Melia azedarach L.