Melilotus alba

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Noun1.Melilotus alba - biennial plantMelilotus alba - biennial plant; valuable honey plant
melilot, melilotus, sweet clover - erect annual or biennial plant grown extensively especially for hay and soil improvement
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Though 10 exotic species were found during the present study, only Melilotus alba (white sweet clover) and Medicago lupulina (black medic) were encountered in the plots, both with low IVs (Table 1).
Ebinger (1981) reported the exotic Melilotus alba as being common (IV of 7.
Targeted WM, DSS, DWF, MHF Hemerocallis fulva Well-Established DWF Lysimachia nummularia Well-Established UR Lythrum salicaria Targeted WM, EM, DSS, DWF Melilotus alba Well-Established EM Melilotus officinalis Well-Established DSS Phalaris arundinacea Targeted EM Phragmites australis Targeted EM Rhamnus cathartica Targeted DWF Rosa multifora Targeted DSS, DWF Typha aragustifolia Well-Established WM, DSS Viburnum opulus var.