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Noun1.Melina Mercouri - Greek film actress (1925-1994)
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50pm) Comedy, starring Melina Mercouri and Peter Ustinov.
Integrated intervention in the area of Melina Mercouri roads and Kifissias Heraklion Attica through undergrounding of these routes.
Since the project began in 1985, dreamed up by that illustrious pair of cultural heavies, Melina Mercouri from Greece and Jack Lang from France, more than 50 cities have been chosen for the accolade, frequently smaller towns of marked character and regional distinctiveness.
It was personified in the most charming manner by then-Greek Minister for Culture Melina Mercouri, whom I had the great honor of meeting and talking with near Athens.
While many Palestinian communities attempt to halt construction on the wall through peaceful demonstrations, such as in the infamous Bil'in Battir received the Melina Mercouri International UNESCO Prize for preserving and protecting the natural landscape and landscape terraces.
The European panel in charge of monitoring preparations by the 2014 European capitals of culture, Riga (Latvia) and Umea (Sweden), recommended, on 7 June, that the European Commission should award them the Melina Mercouri Prize in recognition of the quality of their preparations.
Para muchos es igualmente dificil aceptar que Melina, una cancion de Camilo Sesto (1946) que enaltece a Melina Mercouri (1920-1994), la actriz griega ganadora de premio en el Festival de Cannes en 1960, y una luchadora incansable contra la junta militar que goberno a su pais entre 1967 y 1974, represente un gesto de protesta, cuando suena noche tras noche en los retrobares, gritada por los adolescentes de hoy que quieren revivir los exitos del pasado.
Earlier this year, the UNESCO gave Battir the Melina Mercouri International Prize for the Safeguarding and Management of Cultural Landscapes.
As for Melina Mercouri, her song 'Never on Sunday' won the award and later she became Greece's first female Minister of Culture.
What do actresses Melina Mercouri and Glenda Jackson have in common?
Further support for its creation was provided at that time by Melina Mercouri, patroness of the 1st edition, and by Jack Lang, French Minister of Culture at the time and current President of the Prize.
The music is the best thing about it, although Melina Mercouri received an Oscar nomination for her performance as a tart with a heart.