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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of memes and their social and cultural effects.

[meme + -etics (as in aesthetics).]


(Biology) the study of memes and their transmission
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In order to improve the performance of SFLA optimization algorithms, many scholars [4-36] improved parameter adjustment and memeplexes update mode and combined SFLA with other intelligent algorithms, and so forth, and achieved good optimization results.
Shuffled frog leaping algorithm (SFLA) is a swarm evolution algorithm which imitates frogs exchanging information as the divided memeplexes when they are searching for food.
Memes (ideas) and memeplexes (ideologies) that produce behaviors that further their own existence and reproduction become more prevalent in the population, regardless of their truth-status.
With rare exceptions, human history up to now has been a competition among memes and memeplexes for dominance (the Linguo-Mythic era), resulting in ignorance, delusion, unnecessary suffering, exploitation and violence.
In SFLA there is a set of possible solutions defined by a set of virtual frogs that is partitioned into different groups named as memeplexes each performing a local search.
Then the frogs are sorted in a descending order according to their fitness and partitioned into m different memeplexes.
A frog population was classified into some memeplexes, each memepplex exchage the thought of the flog.
Personal freedom, for example, inheres as a muscular cultural value in automobiles and telephones but stringent restrictions on the use of cars and phones have also evolved as part of their memeplexes.
Sample memeplexes include the scientific method, communism, and radical Islam.
For example, besides helpful critiques of maladaptive memeplexes in religions, Dawkins is known to set up straw men examples that no intellectually robust theistic memeplex would contain, as (Midgley, 1985) has complained.
Both are memeplexes (groups of memes that work together), and science certainly contains viral memes such as false theories and fraudulent claims, but the very basis of science is its method of questioning its own claims.
After a defined number of local searches in each memeplex, ideas are passed between memeplexes in a shuffling process.