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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of memes and their social and cultural effects.

[meme + -etics (as in aesthetics).]


(Biology) the study of memes and their transmission
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Finally, before moving to the next section, it is important to emphasize other ways memetic theory may also be overstrained by a pre-empirical metaphysical agenda, besides being positively guided by methodological naturalism.
Therefore, Blackmore's claim that memetic theory "neatly resolves the mystery of the human brain's vastness" is yet unhelpful as empirical science.
Regarding the memetic theory for the origin of language, it is similar to the foregoing view on the largeness of the human brain.
and its people that memetic theory is fully explored, if for no other reason than to develop defenses against foreign memetic attack.
Memetic theory provides a framework for dealing with the most troubling social and military problems at the root causal level.
is a master synthesizer, analyzing English Benedictine reform of the tenth century by way of memetic theory.