v. t.1.To commemorate.
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Xi Jinping: Speech at the Forum to Com memorate the 60th Anniversary of the War to Resist America, Aid Korea by the People's Volunteer Army of China.
On Friday morning, to com memorate his comeback - and the comebacks of others who have bounced back from such hardships - he'll do something far different from football: step onto a paddleboard on the Willamette River with hopes that three days later he'll be in Portland, about 170 miles away.
Soueif was in Cairo to com memorate the Revolution's first anniversary on 25 January.
As Dentan observed in his consideration of Semai bird knowledge, KhoeSan knowledge is memorate and informal (Dentan 2006: 297).
cial t There will be a special tribute this year to memorate the th anniversay of the Coventry Blitz, the Battle of Britain and he Dunkirk vacuation, hile almost million poppies will be dropped above the town by a fly-past Dakota.
The book encourages Catholics to corn memorate important events with blessings.
S Forest Service Chief Dale Robertson visited the island commonwealth to commemorate memorate the 50th anniversary of Puerto Rico's Tropical Forest Experiment Station, the research unit of the Caribbean National Forest and the oldest research effort in the hemisphere aimed at tropical rainforest management.
Addressing the gathering at the launch, Saleh Zakwani, chairA[degrees] man of Apex Press and Publishing, said that he was pleased to launch the 2013 edition of Tribute to comA[degrees] memorate the 43rd National Day, particularly as it coincided with the historic nuclear pact between Iran and the world powers.
And what better place to enjoy this Oregon-brewed beer, which originally was made to com- memorate the holiday, than right at the source, the Eugene City Brewery.
1964, 1971) and New Brunswick (1978), along with numerous articles on Maritime folklore topics such as song (1962a, 1977), cante fable (1959), folktale (Creighton and Ives, 1962), and supernatural memorate (1958, 1959a).