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Noun1.Menachem Begin - Israeli statesman (born in Russia) who (as prime minister of Israel) negotiated a peace treaty with Anwar Sadat (then the president of Egypt) (1913-1992)
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Il y avait eu ensuite la [beaucoup moins que] Haganah [beaucoup plus grand que], organisation sioniste qui combattait les Arabes en Palestine mandataire, elle-meme nee d'une scission avec l' Irgoun et dirigee par Menahem Begin.
Netanyahu should simply look into the records of his own heroes, including Menahem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, to learn about the real meaning of ethnic cleansing policies.
Talmon, and the homeland is in danger--an open letter to Menahem Begin.
In the 1980s, when the late Menahem Begin was prime minister, an odd-looking vehicle sprouting a forest of antennae stood permanently and quite visibly beneath his office window in Jerusalem.
In the words of Menahem Begin as he described events, "the Arabs fought tenaciously in defence of their homes, their women and their children".
Mais Menahem Begin, le leader de la droite, le denonce comme "un agent egyptien", une opinion que partagerait l'establishment.
As he studies his options, Netanyahu would do well to reflect on the decisions taken by two earlier prime ministers from his Likud Party -- Menahem Begin and Ariel Sharon.
These memoirs first appeared in Hebrew in 1950, and their translation into English is an important reminder of the ideological conflict between the two branches of Jabotinsky's Beitar youth movement: one followed Abraham Stern into LEHI and the other Menahem Begin, who claimed the shreds of Jabotinsky's mantle, into ETZEL, more popularly known as the Irgun.
The then nationalist right-wing opposition, represented by the Herut Party under Menahem Begin, could only achieve 14 to 19 seats.
We were aware of it just because it was there to serve the Israeli so-called 'left' leadership, as a means of vilifying their rightwing political rival, namely Menahem Begin (who was directly responsible for this very massacre).
He acknowledged that the 30 years since Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin and Egyptian president Anwar Sadat signed the historic agreement on the White House lawn "were not perfect" but added that "they were a thousand times better than a continuation of the conflict and war between us.