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In the Bible, the eldest son of Joseph and the forebear of one of the tribes of Israel.


1. (Bible) the elder son of Joseph (Genesis 41:51)
2. (Bible) the Israelite tribe descended from him
3. (Bible) the territory of this tribe, in the upper Jordan valley
Douay spelling: Manases


(məˈnæs ə)

1. the first son of Joseph. Gen. 41:51.
2. one of the 12 tribes of Israel, traditionally descended from him. Gen. 48:14–19.
3. a king of Judah of the 7th century B.C. II Kings 21.
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The printing of Hebrew books in Amsterdam for Jews begins in 1627 with Menasseh Ben Israel, whose first title, a Sephardic rite prayer book, was completed on 1 January 1627.
In 1650, roughly one year before the date identified by Columbus as the culmination of history, Dutch-Jewish philosopher Menasseh ben Israel penned his own arguments asserting "that the first inhabitants of America were the Ten Tribes of the Israelites.
The Hope of the Netherlands: Menasseh ben Israel and the Dutch Idea of America.
Ronnie Perelis leads us into the Inquisition-charged world of the Marrano Antonio de Montezinos, whose incredible relation of an Andean encounter with one of the Ten Lost Tribes--the account that launches Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel's influential Miqveh Israel--brings together messianic hope and New World wonder and gives new meaning to the term Jewish American.
17) Bernard Wasserstein, Isaiah Berlin, Isaac Deutscher, and Arthur Koestler: Their Jewish Wars (Amsterdam: Menasseh ben Israel Instituut Studies, no.
She waited till he was standing in prayer, and then said in a tone of wonder, 'Joseph is in Egypt/ There have been born on his knees/ Menasseh and Ephraim.
He, however, said he does not mind changing the Nazi Swastika on the board in front of his store to a Hindu swastika," said Menasseh Solomon, secretary of the Magen Abraham Synagogue in Ahmedabad's Khamasa neighbourhood.
Director of the Menasseh ben Israel Institute for Jewish social and cultural studies in Amsterdam, Wertheim argues that Jews in Germany just after World War I longed for salvation, and to find it turned to their renegade ancestor Benedictus de Spinoza (1632-77).
Also of note is her subtle treatment of William Prynne, Oliver Cromwell, Gerrard Winstanley, Margaret Fell, George Fox, and Menasseh Ben Israel, as well as of self-proclaimed prophets such as John Rogers, Abiezzer Coppe, and Anna Trapnel.
Claro esta que esta no fue la interpretracion que le dio Menasseh ben Israel al soprendente testimonio de Montezinos.
There is an entire chapter (6) devoted to information concerning the High Priest from the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, English accounts of these sources, the Apocrypha, and contemporary materials relevant to the problem, including the life and work of Menasseh ben Israel, John Dury, John Reeve, Lodowick Muggleton, John Robins, and others.
4) between the expulsion of the Jews in 1290 and the visit of Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel in 1655, the year after Selden's death.