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 (mĕn′dē, -dā)
n. pl. Mende or Men·des
1. A Mande language spoken in southern Sierra Leone and eastern Liberia.
2. A member of a Mende-speaking people.

[Mende mεnde, ethnic self-designation.]
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Matthias Mende has come up with The Imam App, which he touts as the "best Islamic app ever made", with its healthy mix of appealing visuals, handy information and, of course, everything you need to know and do with regard to prayers.
Fortunately for the audience, Slave: A Question of Freedom has that something special, largely thanks to the true story of the "slave" at its centre, Sudanese Mende Nazer.
The story of 12-year-old Mende Nazar, seized from her Nuba village in Sudan and sold to an Arab family in Khartoum as a house slave, bears witness to current practices.
On the Google webpage describing the procedure, says Mark Mende, coordinator of electronic communications at St.
Acquisition implementation of a computerized patient record (IPR) for territorial control group whose members are: Hospital Mende (coordinator of the group), Florac, Langogne to Saint-Chely-d~Apcher , Marvejols.
Contract notice: Grouping controls for the award of a service contract for the printing and supply of restaurants titles for the community of common heart of lozere, the town of mende, the saiem mende fontanilles, oti heart of lozere and the cias heart of lozere.
The drama, which opens tomorrow and runs until Saturday, is an adaptation of the book Slave by Mende Nazer.
Mariana da Silva was the granddaughter of Matias Mendes da Silva, who was the brother of Pedro Vaz da Silva's grandfather, Rafael Mendes da Silva.
THREE police call handlers have received [euro]nal written warnings for gross misconduct in connection with the death of Leamington woman Luisa Mendes.
08 ( ANI ): Eva Mendes was stopped by a police officer for allegedly using her mobile phone while driving in Los Angeles.