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 (mĕn′dĭs-frăns′, mäN-dĕs-fräNs′), Pierre 1907-1982.
French politician who as prime minister (1954-1955) negotiated France's withdrawal from Indochina. His liberal policies on the North African colonies led to the fall of his government.


(French mɛ̃dɛsfrɑ̃s)
(Biography) Pierre (pjɛr). 1907–82, French statesman; prime minister (1954–55). He concluded the war in Indochina and granted independence to Tunisia


(ˈmɛn dɪsˈfrɑns; Fr. mɑ̃ dɛsˈfrɑ̃s)

Pierre, 1907–82, French statesman and economist: premier 1954–55.
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In the heart of historic Tunis stands the Lycee Pierre Mendes-France.
Not since former French Prime Minister Pierre Mendes-France proclaimed milk, not wine, as the right beverage has the French government been so antagonistic toward alcoholic beverages.
In 1954, President Pierre Mendes-France appointed me Secretary of State to the Council Presidency in his government and then as Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Contract notice: Tourcoing - wattrelos - linking the boulevard berthelot tourcoing and mendes-france boulevard in wattrelos - market 2: acoustic screens.
Contractor address : 20-22 rue Pierre Mendes-France BP 231
Contractor address : 30 avenue Pierre Mendes-France
Contract notice: Catering service contract for the pierre mendes-france (breakfast sweet break / meal trays).
Lot 01: replacement of exterior doors and windows, shutters, installation of window sills and shutters repairs retained for the next building: 7, rue Mendes-France to Saint-Brieuc (Group 59) - 1 slice firm and 2 conditional phases.