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 (mē′nēz) fl. 3000 bc.
King of Egypt who united Upper and Lower Egypt, thus founding Egypt's first dynasty.


(Biography) the first king of the first dynasty of Egypt (?3100 bc). He is said to have united Upper and Lower Egypt and founded Memphis


(ˈmi niz)

fl. c3200 B.C., traditionally the first king of Egypt and founder of the first dynasty.
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To which Don Quixote replied, "She is not of the ancient Roman Curtii, Caii, or Scipios, nor of the modern Colonnas or Orsini, nor of the Moncadas or Requesenes of Catalonia, nor yet of the Rebellas or Villanovas of Valencia; Palafoxes, Nuzas, Rocabertis, Corellas, Lunas, Alagones, Urreas, Foces, or Gurreas of Aragon; Cerdas, Manriques, Mendozas, or Guzmans of Castile; Alencastros, Pallas, or Meneses of Portugal; but she is of those of El Toboso of La Mancha, a lineage that though modern, may furnish a source of gentle blood for the most illustrious families of the ages that are to come, and this let none dispute with me save on the condition that Zerbino placed at the foot of the trophy of Orlando's arms, saying,
The commanding Brazilian virtuoso Antonio Meneses surmounts every hurdle with ease and he is backed to the hilt by his compatriot Claudio Cruz at the helm of a notably alert Northern Sinfonia," it said.
A nurse at Hamad Medical Corporation, Orlando Meneses, was stabbed to death at his accommodation near Markhiya roundabout on Thursday afternoon.
Este ultimo escreveu quatro cronicas, e dentre elas duas foram destinadas a narrar alguns acontecimentos no norte da Africa sob o governo dos capitaes Pedro e Duarte de Meneses, respectivamente pai e filho.
Living legends Kenneth Duremdes, Vergel Meneses and Jerry Codinera will be spearheading the visitors.
With a spark, there was a river of fire," Valentin Meneses, the interior minister of the state of Puebla, said.
CHICO & RITA (15) CAST: Eman Xor Ona, Limara Meneses, Estrella Morente, Mario Guerra PLOT: The story begins in Cuba in 1948, when young jazz piano player Chico (Ona) meets beautiful singer Rita (Meneses).
The bus driver was among those instantly killed, said regional police director Gil Meneses.
Es, tambien, el mas representativo: es el que refleja mejor su metodo de referir solo la superficie de una situacion, lo que siente, piensa, oye y ve en un relator, dejandoles a los lectores la tarea de complementar el cuento suponiendo lo que pasaba por la mente de los demas personajes, en este caso por la senora del escribano Meneses.
Joao Rodrigues de Sa de Meneses, Die platane/Liber de platano (1537), herausgegeben von Roger Friedlein und Angelika Lozar.
Portimao district attorney Jose Magalhaese Meneses admitted there was nothing to implicate them after reviewing the six-month police probe.