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 (mĕn′shē-əs) Originally Meng·zi (mŭng′dzē′) Fourth century bc.
Chinese Confucian philosopher who taught that people are innately good and that one's nature can be enhanced or perverted by one's environment.


(ˈmɛnʃɪəs; -ʃəs)
(Biography) Chinese name Mengzi or Meng-tze. ?372–?289 bc, Chinese philosopher, who propounded the ethical system of Confucius


(ˈmɛn ʃi əs)

c380–289 B.C., Chinese philosopher.
Also called Mengtzu.
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Meng Tzu (372-289 BC) The recent statement by South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit has concentrated the minds of all stakeholders, be they Sudanese, Sudan neigbhours, or friends of Sudan.
In the face of the relative homogeneity of the Meng Tzu, Eno focuses on the inconsistencies within individual passages, especially 2A.