Ménière's disease

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Mé·nière's disease

A pathological condition of the inner ear characterized by dizziness, ringing in the ears, and progressive loss of hearing.

[After Prosper Ménière (1799-1862), French physician.]

Menière's disease

Fluid accumulates in the inner ear, causing deafness, vertigo, and tinnitus. The cause of the fluid increase is usually not known.
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Noun1.Menière's disease - a disease of the inner ear characterized by episodes of dizziness and tinnitus and progressive hearing loss (usually unilateral)Meniere's disease - a disease of the inner ear characterized by episodes of dizziness and tinnitus and progressive hearing loss (usually unilateral)
disease - an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning
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The use of mitomycin C in patients with Meniere's disease was first described by Yazawa et al in 1999.
a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative therapeutics for diseases and disorders of the inner and middle ear, today announced positive data from a Phase 1b study of the company's lead product candidate, OTO-104, in patients with Meniere's disease.
Black et al studied 14 patients who had undergone unilateral vestibular surgery: 7 labyrinthectomies for Meniere's disease or endolymphatic hydrops, 4 middle fossa excisions of acoustic neuromas, and 3 vestibular nerve sections for Meniere's disease.
In addition to its work in the area of hearing loss, the company is also currently conducting a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, multicenter, Phase 1b study of OTO-104 given as a single IT injection for the treatment of unilateral Meniere's disease.
Many editorials and subspecialty guidelines have now been written regarding the relevance and importance of the use of these tools for clinical research, including Meniere's disease, (2) surgical treatment of head and neck cancer, (3,4) rhinology, (5,6) pediatric otolaryngology, (7) otology, (8) aesthetic surgery, (9,10) and laryngology.
This is a very exciting time to be joining Otonomy, as the company has just completed enrollment of Meniere's Disease patients in the Phase 1b clinical trial of our lead product, OTO-104," said Dr.
Any underlying problem, such as an ear infection, acoustic neuroma or Meniere's disease, must be treated, so make an appointment to see your GP.
4) Most patients with BPPV present no evident cause, although head trauma, Meniere's disease, and ear surgery have been accepted in the literature as eliciting events.
OTO-104, Otonomy's lead product candidate, is a sustained release steroid currently in a Phase 1b clinical trial for patients with Meniere's disease.
In this retrospective case series and literature review, we demonstrate that temporal bone lesions that obstruct the endolymphatic sac or duct can cause symptoms of Meniere's disease.
Meniere's disease is a more serious condition characterised by attacks of vertigo sometimes severe enough to cause the sufferer to fall to the ground.
Proceeds from the financing will be used to support the ongoing clinical trial for OTO-104 in Meniere's disease, initiate IND-enabling studies for OTO-203, and continue early-stage development of a third program.