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n. pl. Men·she·viks or Men·she·vi·ki (-vē′kē)
A member of the liberal faction of the Social Democratic Party that struggled against the Bolsheviks before and during the Russian Revolution.

[Russian men'shevik, from men'she, less (from their relegation by Lenin to minority status); see mei- in Indo-European roots.]

Men′she·vism n.
Men′she·vist n.


(ˈmɛnʃɪvɪk) or


(Historical Terms) a member of the moderate wing of the Russian Social Democratic Party, advocating gradual reform to achieve socialism. Compare Bolshevik
[C20: from Russian, literally: minority, from menshe less, from malo few]
ˈMenshevism n


(ˈmɛn ʃə vɪk)

n., pl. -viks, -vik•i (-ˌvɪk i, -ˌvi ki)
(sometimes l.c.) a member of the moderate wing of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party which, in opposition to the Bolsheviks, advocated gradual development of socialism through reforms.
[1905–10; < Russian men'shevík=mén'sh(iĭ) lesser + -evik, n. suffix]
Men′she•vism (-ˌvɪz əm) n.
Men′she•vist, n., adj.
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Noun1.Menshevik - a Russian member of the liberal minority group that advocated gradual reform and opposed the Bolsheviks before and during the Russian Revolution
socialist - a political advocate of socialism
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Before the Russian revolution of 1917 his library was used inter alia by the bolshevists and menshevists who lived in Baugy, and by guests like Bukharin, Plekhanov, Lenin, and Stravinsky (cf.