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Noun1.Mentha - mint plantsMentha - mint plants        
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
family Labiatae, family Lamiaceae, Labiatae, Lamiaceae, mint family - a large family of aromatic herbs and shrubs having flowers resembling the lips of a mouth and four-lobed ovaries yielding four one-seeded nutlets and including mint; thyme; sage; rosemary
mint - any north temperate plant of the genus Mentha with aromatic leaves and small mauve flowers
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Whatever the underlying additional mechanisms, the results shown here suggest that the hypotensive action of the essential oil of Mentha x villosa can be a consequence of decrease in both heart rate/heart contractility and peripheral vascular resistances.
officinalis and Mentha piperita plants, enzymes that participate in the synthesis of compounds present in essential oil were extracted after treatment with 10 ppm of diphenylurea.
The virucidal effect of peppermint oil, the essential oil of Mentha piperita, against herpes simplex virus was examined.
Key words: Mentha x villosa; Labiatae, essential oil, cardiovascular effects, DOCA-salt-hypertension, conscious rat
Similar high nutrient uptake in Mentha piperita [5], Brassica juncea [16] and Triticum aestivum [10] treated with pyridoxine have been reported.
This family is divided into eight sub-families: Ajugoideae' Chloranthoideae' Lamioideae' Pogostemonoideae' Scutellarioideae' Teucrioideae' Viticoideae and Nepetoideae to which Mentha genus belongs (Tucker et al.
Smaller clumps of sedums, Mentha requienii, and alpine bulbs border rocky areas.
Malva sylvestris and Mentha pulegium using several tests: 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH), 2,2'-azino-bis (3-ethylbenzthiazoline-6-sulphonic acid (ABTS), reducing power and metal chelating and it is also targeted to determine the total phenolic, and flavonoid contents of these plants using current methods.
I-5: Foliar application of chemical plant supplements (Amco-Better and Mofcal) to three newly introduced species of Mentha species; M.
In the light of this work we have determined, the chemical composition of essential oils of leaves of Mentha piperita collected in the region of Meknes from Morocco.
Mentha spicata is the Latin name for which garden herb?