Mentha pulegium

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Noun1.Mentha pulegium - Eurasian perennial mint have small lilac-blue flowers and ovate leavesMentha pulegium - Eurasian perennial mint have small lilac-blue flowers and ovate leaves; yields an aromatic oil
mint - any north temperate plant of the genus Mentha with aromatic leaves and small mauve flowers
pennyroyal oil - oil from European pennyroyal having an odor like mint; used chiefly in soaps
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1]) de los aceites esenciales de Bursera linanoe, Cymbopogon citratus, Larrea tridentata, Laurus nobilis, Mentha pulegium, Origanum vulgare, Syzygium aromaticum y Thymus vulgaris sobre la inhibicion (%) del crecimiento micelial in vitro del patogeno.
Analysis of the results of this ethnobotanical survey also shows that in traditional medicine, the most frequently cited and used species by the local population are : Rosmarinus officinalis, Thymus satureioides, Mentha suaveolens, Artemisia herba-alba, Foeniculum vulgare and Mentha pulegium .
1) is a ketone monoterpene and constitutes more than eighty percent of the essential oil of Mentha pulegium (also known as pennyroyal) (Gordon et al.
The current study examined the effects of storage and preparation on the antioxidant capacity of Mentha pulegium (pennyroyal), Mentha spicata (spearmint), Aloysia citrodora (lemon verbena) and Foeniculum vulgare (fennel).
In this work, we studied and compared the Chemical composition of essential oils of Mentha rotundifolia and Mentha pulegium collected in Atlas mean a mountainous region from Morocco where people frequently use this plant in traditional medicine.
An exception, however, is Mentha pulegium, which is also known as pennyroyal.
Estudio mediante cromatografia en capa fina de algunas mentas con pulegona: Mentha pulegium L.
Mintys cyffredin arall ydi'r brymlys, Mentha pulegium, y 'pennyroyal' yn Saesneg.
For example, the Latin word for pennyroyal is mentha pulegium, or 'flea mint.