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n. Often Offensive

[Vietnamese Mèo.]
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Pulling off his cap, and clasping his hands, he chanted in a shrill voice: "Benedictus dominus Deus meus, qui docet manus meas ad proelium, et digitos meos ad bellum.
It recommended that commercial activities other than educational institutions in the residential area should be discouraged by the MEO.
We are very excited that our customer, Altice Portugal, received a national award for the MEO Safe mobile service, said, Marco Leal, VP of Worldwide Products at Smith Micro Software.
Guido Neumann, Managing Director of CETel, said, "CETel is delighted to be one of the first European service providers to use SES Networks' MEO fleet and is proud to add fibre-like connectivity to our existing service and product portfolio.
ARRIS International plc (Nasdaq:ARRS), a provider of entertainment and communications technology, announced on Friday that the the ARRIS VIP5662EW Ultra-HD set-top has been selected by Altice-owned Portugal Telecom for its recently launched MEO 4K service in Portugal.
Zelica Carr, chief executive officer of The Ice Cream Alliance, said: "The Di Meo family have consistently produced outstanding ice cream and to keep winning these accolades year in year out against the best ice cream makers in the UK is a remarkable achievement.
Chief executive Peter Stickland said the permit MEO would acquire, Block 9, showed oil seeps and had two small producing fields on its boundary, giving confidence about the petroleum prospects.
MEO has onshore and offshore oil interests in Australia and New Zealand.
The MEO remote offers you direct input into a television showcase with thousands of cars, business vehicles, motorcycles and boats.
Part of Chicago's influential Monster Roster circa 1960, which also included June Leaf, Nancy Spero, and Leon Golub, Di Meo stands apart from his fellow Chicago Imagists in that his work appears to be less driven by narrative and more introspective.
In previous reports, MEO has been investigated for its potential pharmacological activities.