Meramec River

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Mer·a·mec River

A river rising in southeast-central Missouri and flowing about 350 km (220 mi) northeast to the Mississippi River below St. Louis.
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James Crocker had grown weary of the partying canoeists and rafters who encroached on his neatly kept property along Missouri's Meramec River.
Shannon & Wilson has worked for MSD continuously over the past 15 years, including providing construction management services for the Lower Meramec River Wastewater Treatment Plant and Baumgartner Tunnel - a similar project.
In Missouri, at least 70 miles of the 100-mile corridor along the Meramec River from McDonald County to St.
Louis, was awarded $5,000 to fund development of a nine-element watershed plan for the lower Meramec River.
One of those retreats sits on a bluff overlooking the Meramec River in Sunset Hills.
The Meramec River in Missouri had swollen with rainwater and was threatening surrounding communities.
pholidotum, as well as identification of a fourth clade in the Meramec River.
The site is within a band of high chloride-sulfate groundwater along the Lower Meramec River Hills, which may be caused by groundwater flow through Pennsylvanian cyclothems containing pyrite and gypsum.
LOUIS (AP) -- Two teens died after they wore ejected from a car during a crash, and one of them was thrown over a bridge rail into the Meramec River.
After she recognized them, they tied her up and drove her to a railroad trestle over the Meramec River in St.
Criss and his students have spent the last five years studying rainfall and groundwater in the Meramec River basin, a 10,300-square-kilometer area of east-central Missouri.
Louis, Kirkwood is an historic community of approximately 30,000 nestled along the Meramec River.