Mercator projection

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Mercator projection

Mercator projection

A cylindrical map projection in which the meridians and parallels appear as lines crossing at right angles and in which areas appear greater farther from the equator. Straight line segments represent true bearings, thus making this projection useful for navigation.

[After Gerhardus Mercator.]

Mercator projection

(Physical Geography) an orthomorphic map projection on which parallels and meridians form a rectangular grid, scale being exaggerated with increasing distance from the equator. Also called: Mercator's projection


(or Merca′tor's) projec`tion,

a conformal map projection on which any rhumb line is represented as a straight line, used chiefly in navigation, though the scale varies with latitude and areal size and the shapes of large areas are distorted.
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Mercator projection

Mer·ca·tor projection

A method of making a flat map of the Earth's surface so that the meridians and parallels appear as straight lines that cross at right angles. In a Mercator projection, the areas farther from the equator appear larger, making the polar regions greatly distorted. Compare conic projection, homolosine projection, sinusoidal projection.

Mercator projection

A type of cylindrical map projection in which the lines of latitude and longitude intersect at right angles.
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Noun1.Mercator projection - a map projection of the earth onto a cylinderMercator projection - a map projection of the earth onto a cylinder; areas appear greater the farther they are from the equator
map projection - a projection of the globe onto a flat map using a grid of lines of latitude and longitude
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The concept of space projections is generalized from the initial work of Colvocoresess, who pioneered the field while with cartographic coordinator for earth satellite mapping at the United States Geological Survey in 1974 with the space oblique Mercator projection (SOM) (Colvocoresses 1974).
We meet strip maps, the Mappa Mundi, the Mercator projection (and navigational charts based thereon), John Snow's map of cholera in London, treasure maps, maps of Antarctic expeditions, city street directories, transportation system maps such as Harry Beck's London Tube map, maps in movies, video games and travel guides, and more ephemeral maps, such as those that exist in in-car navigation systems or taxi drivers' brains.
It's led to a swathe of road users who think a Mercator projection is financial advice.
Most nautical charts are constructed on the Mercator projection whose scale varies by approximately a factor of six from the equator to 80A[degrees] north or south.
Employing a Mercator projection, the design follows a straight line between the two cities.
corners, distortions, elliptical, exceptional, illustrations, Mercator projection, Peters, rectangular, Robinson projection, round, wrinkles
The new enhancements to the ArcGIS Data Appliance are exciting, and new features such as migrating to a new Web Mercator Projection tiling scheme; which is the same tiling scheme used by Bing Maps and Google Maps, allows users to more easily create mashups with other popular web maps.