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v. t.1.To subject to fine or amercement; to mulct; to amerce.
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Although the Merce Cunningham Dance Company gave its last performance one year ago, Cunningham's works continue to be staged around the world.
I didn't realize how forward I was; I don't think many people would go up to Merce and ask that way.
Merce Cunningham was a spatial rhythmitician--he'd stab at the air unerringly with the choice of body parts that would not "make a noise" as the feet will when they stamp or land on the ground guiding the body in its return from space.
Merce Cunningham's investigations of modern dance and chance theory are legendary.
A beacon of light on the dance landscape since 1953, the Merce Cunningham Dance Company will dim that light this month.
An insatiable curiosity about movement, time and space keeps choreographer Merce Cunningham, 83, in the vanguard of contemporary dance, a distinction he and his dance company have held for more than 50 years.
Now you can get inside the Merce Cunningham Studio from anywhere in the world.
But the lightness of spirit was just as likely the result of Stanford's "ENCOUNTER MERCE: An Interdisciplinary Exploration Through the Arts," a campus-wide celebration of the work of choreographer Merce Cunningham and his late creative partner, the composer John Cage.
When Jenkins, who had returned to her hometown after twelve years of teaching in Merce Cunningham's New York studio, started giving classes in the early 1970s, she was surprised at the response.
While Merce Cunningham gives notes to his dancers after the first run-through of the day's rehearsal, I huddle with the eleven fourth-graders who will perform tonight [December 18, 2002] part of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company Event in the lobby of American Express headquarters, adjacent to Ground Zero in New York.
I suppose two and one-half would be more accurate, because two of them were part of Merce Cunningham's fiftieth anniversary and his triumphant home-run canter round familiar bases.