mercury poisoning

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Noun1.mercury poisoning - a toxic condition caused by ingesting or inhaling mercury; acute mercury poisoning causes a metallic taste and vomiting and diarrhea and kidney problems that may lead to death
intoxication, poisoning, toxic condition - the physiological state produced by a poison or other toxic substance
Minamata disease - a form of mercury poisoning among people who ate fish from mercury-contaminated waters of Minamata Bay off Japan in the 1950s; characterized by severe neurological degeneration
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WE WERE LIVING in a 1,600-square-foot rental, in the beautiful town of Santa Barbara, California, when my husband's hands began to shake from what eventually turned out to be mercury toxicity.
Mercury toxicity can decrease appetite and result in decreased weight and hence concentrate mercury in tissues (Thompson 1996).
Now we are starting to work on his hypothyroidism, hypertension, hypogonadism, poor mineral absorption, and mercury toxicity.
Boyd Haley, international expert in mercury toxicity and a co-author of the recently published paper said "There is no doubt that authorities in the CDC have initiated and participated in a cover-up of vaccine-induced damage from thimerosal to our children and this I consider criminal.
These can include mercury toxicity and bacteria trapped in the jaw from past root canals.
All Americans will be forced to spend more money for--and be at risk of mercury toxicity from--every fight fixture in the house.
I think our population should be reassured that it is unlikely, because mercury toxicity occurs when mercury is vaporized and inhaled, and all of this was simply skin exposure .
Mild mercury toxicity can cause fatigue, loss of concentration, depression, and headaches.
In short, it was our evaluation of the scientific information on mercury toxicity that made us decide that a comparison of ingested methyl mercury and inhaled mercury vapor was valid and useful.
At its lowest levels, mercury toxicity can produce physical symptoms that may not point immediately to the cause.
Patients in my private medical practice, as well as at other doctors' offices around the country, have been diagnosed with mercury toxicity from eating too much fish.