mercury-vapor lamp

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mer′cury-va`por lamp`

a lamp producing a light with a high actinic and ultraviolet content by means of an electric arc in mercury vapor.
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Noun1.mercury-vapor lamp - ultraviolet lamp that emits a strong bluish light (rich in ultraviolet radiation) as electric current passes through mercury vapormercury-vapor lamp - ultraviolet lamp that emits a strong bluish light (rich in ultraviolet radiation) as electric current passes through mercury vapor
quartz lamp - a mercury-vapor lamp that is enclosed in a quartz container instead of a glass container
sun lamp, sunlamp, sunray lamp, sun-ray lamp - a mercury-vapor lamp used in medical or cosmetic treatments
ultraviolet lamp, ultraviolet source - any source of illumination that emits ultraviolet radiation
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While LED technologies have become far more popular in recent years, the use of mercury vapor lamps has also been growing quickly, so that a large proportion of printers now use traditional UV systems.
Dermal manifestations of mercury vapor exposure may include an erythematous, pruritic rash or acrodynia (a rare, nonallergic hypersensitivity reaction seen in some children).
The research found the dentists' urine contained a mix of mercury from both the consumption of fish containing inorganic mercury as well as inorganic mercury vapor from the amalgam fillings.
One of the conclusions in its final report, released December 2004, addressed evidence that mercury vapor from amalgam filings is absorbed by the human body: "Numerous studies have demonstrated a positive correlation between the number of dental amalgam restorations or surfaces and urine mercury concentrations in non-occupationally exposed individuals.
Instead, the EPA recommends opening a window, closing off the room, shutting off forced air heat or cooling and allowing about 15 minutes for the mercury vapor to dissipate.
The mercury vapor levels increased with the number of fillings present in the mouth.
If you want even more functionality than the traditional PLC power supply provides, you may choose a new 27-step unit capable of up to 600w and running either Metal Halide or Mercury Vapor lamps.
Called the UV Waterworks, it is a stainless steel box containing a low-pressure mercury vapor lamp, like the flourescent lighting found in most office buildings.
The integrally ballasted light can be used with high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, or mercury vapor lamps.
Other companies that manufacture mercury vapor analyzers include Arizona Instrument; Brooks Rand; Mercury Instruments GmbH; and Seefelder Mebtechnik GmbH, whose products are distributed in North America by EcoChem Analytics.
The camp setting is a new environment for these children, and one mercury vapor light in the camp parking lot will not light up the night like the world they come from--and the natural nocturnal sounds of crickets can be frightening if you have no understanding of the size or quantity of insects creating the noise.
for all public and private parks and bans high-powered mercury vapor bulbs for street lights.