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Add twenty secondary groups, the waiters, male and female, running with jugs on their heads, gamblers squatting over taws, merelles,* dice, vachettes, the ardent game of tringlet, quarrels in one corner, kisses in another, and the reader will have some idea of this whole picture, over which flickered the light of a great, flaming fire, which made a thousand huge and grotesque shadows dance over the walls of the drinking shop.
In June 2008, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights ("PCHR") (106) filed a complaint before Audiencia Judge Femando Andreu Merelles against seven high-ranking officials for suspected "crimes against humanity" for their involvement in the July 2002 targeted killing of Salah Shehadeh, the commander of the military wing of Hamas in Gaza.
En: Mazarraza L, German C, Sanchez Moreno A, Sanchez Garcia A, Merelles A, Aparicio V.
Fernando Andreu Merelles, juez de la Audiencia Nacional de Espana, afirmo que Mexico se enfrenta ante un hecho inedito del crimen organizado que usa al extremo la violencia para generar terror, pero los carteles de la droga no alcanzarian el estatus de "terroristas".
Which ancient board game is sometimes called Merelles or Mill?
and outstanding strategy board game with a Noughts and Crosses flavour is Nine-Men'sMorris, or Mills or Merelles, described in many games books, but not well known in Australia.
Jardel Mendes Queiroz [1] Welington Bermudes Merelles [2] Rogerio de Souza Teodoro [3] Samuel Mendes dos Santos [4] Leandra Carla Sousa [5]