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1. A dance in rapid 2/4 time of Dominican and Haitian folk origin, characterized by a sliding step.
2. The music for this dance.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, meringue, from French méringue.]


1. (Music, other) a type of lively dance music originating in the Dominican Republic, which combines African and Spanish elements
2. (Dancing) a Caribbean dance in duple time with syncopated rhythm performed to such music
[from American Spanish and Haitian Creole]


(məˈrɛŋ geɪ)

a ballroom dance of Dominican and Haitian origin, characterized by a stiff-legged, limping step.
[1935–40; < American Spanish]


A sideways Latin American two-step for couples.
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Lors du premier, en fevrier dernier en Liga, les Merengues avaient semble sans solution face au pressing de l'Atletico, qui avait tres logiquement gagne le match (1-0).
In the same group, Al Merengues kick-started their campaign on a high note, defeating Rosaro 6-1 with ease to win three valuable points.
Drawing from his arsenal of Caribbean-influenced rhythms and contemporary flavors, Guerra frees a maze of colorful sounds and poetic lyrics, resulting in dance-friendly merengues such as La Travesia, Como Yo, y Amores (with guest musician El Prodigio featured on the accordion); salsafied mambos and guarachas, including the title track, Medicine for My Soul, Te Contaran, and Cancioncita de Amor; beautiful ballads such as Solo Tengo Ojos Para Ti, and Sabia Manera; and the soulful English lyrics of Something Good (featuring Guerra in a vocal duet with guest Chiara Civello); plus heartfelt bachatas and variations of the genre such as Que Me Des Tu Carino, Si Tu No Bailas Conmigo, and the bonus track A La Vera.
The proposed fee is around 50million Euros and Los Merengues are reputedly content to make their own Brazilian star Ronaldo a makeweight in the deal Adriano had already shown his desire to stay loyal to the Nerazzuri after shunning the proposal of a move to Chelsea earlier this summer.
Dentro de su repertorio se encuentran baladas, merengues, salsa y no se puede dejar por fuera la "punta".
Rafa Benitez's men took full advantage of Real Madrid's failure to beat Villareal and now have a two point advantage over the Merengues, though Sociedad remain top after beating Santander 2-1.
Fue increible que aunque no vinieramos nosotros, en Mexico pegron merengues como El africano ("Mami que sera lo que tiene el negra"), Abusadora, El jardinero, El baile del perrito y El baile del Mono.
Latin Mix" will include the hits of the most widely known performers of Salsa, Cumbia, Merengues, Ballads and Pop, such as Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Victor Manuelle, Son by Four, Elvis Crespo and many more.
Mais le premier but madrilene, inscrit par Benzema sur une jolie madjer (1-0, 15e), a change le cours de la rencontre, en donnant confiance aux Merengues.
As I continued recording and working in New York City, my next three productions were mostly merengues.
The Merengues top Group C ahead of Panathinaikos and Porto who fought out a 0-0 draw.
La cantante puertorriquena Gisselle, quien empezo como bailarina y comediante de television, asomo en el negocio musical a principios de la decada pasada, interpretando vertiginosos merengues.