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 (mûr′gən-thô′lər, mĕr′gən-tä′-), Ottmar 1854-1899.
German-born American inventor of the Linotype typesetting machine (patented 1884).


(ˈmɜr gənˌθɔ lər)

Ott•mar (ˈɒt mɑr) 1854–99, U.S. inventor of the Linotype, born in Germany.
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Noun1.Mergenthaler - United States inventor (born in Germany) of the Linotype machine (1854-1899)Mergenthaler - United States inventor (born in Germany) of the Linotype machine (1854-1899)
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He attended Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School in Baltimore and St.
We hope that by making available the collective intelligence of the Forum's expert networks - captured in our Transformation Maps - as a public good we can inspire creativity and fresh thinking," Mergenthaler said.
Atraf Shehab, Stephan Mergenthaler and Mirek Dusek in Dubai.
Dr Philipp Mergenthaler and Dr Harald Stachscheid from the Center for Stroke Research Berlin were recognized for establishing a high-content platform for 2- and 3-dimensional models of the human brain using induced pluripotent stem cells.
This grant will help Eastgate VFD and the surrounding volunteer fire departments provide better customer service to our community and improve response to 991 dispatched events, said Susan Mergenthaler, Chair of the Eastgate Volunteer Fire Districts Board of Trustees.
Anne-Marie Livingstone, Department of Sociology, John Hopkins University, 533 Mergenthaler Hall, 3400 N.
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In 1979, Bell Labs' Computing Science Research Center had purchased a Linotron 202, a phototypesetter sold by Mergenthaler, for its research on document preparation techniques.
We pushed the brick to the next level," says Mergenthaler, a partner architect at Herzog & de Meuron.
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While non-GAAP earnings figures may not be credible to all financial statement users, prior research suggests that some stakeholders rely heavily on non-GAAP earnings (Frederickson & Miller, 2004; Elliot, 2006; Bhattacharya, Black, Christensen, & Mergenthaler, 2007).