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De esta forma, las ideas sobre el costo-beneficio de implementar una estrategia de insercion no solo dependen de la posicion relativa del Estado, sino tambien del papel que se esperaria que este ejerza en el ambito internacional (Krasner, 2001; Merke, 2010).
These and other additive manufactured components will be on display at the International Paris Airshow, Le Bourget June 19-25, 2017 at Norsk Titanium's booth in Hall 1, Space H299, along with a full-scale mock-up of the company's patented MERKE IV Rapid Plasma Deposition machine that produced the pioneering structural parts.
Following Merke (2011), Latin America can be characterized by features that are accentuated in South America.
Speiser PW, Azziz R, Baskin LS, Ghizzoni L, Hensle TW, Merke DP et.
45) "Bin Ich nun in guter Stimmung, so kann das heissen: Ich merke, dass ich nicht nur mich an dem oder jenem Bestimmten freue, sondern dass ich in einem Rhythmus der Freude lebe: Freude schliesst sich an Freude.
Customer demand for our additive manufacturing technology is growing to the point where we need significantly more space to assemble and test our MERKE IV RPD machines prior to worldwide shipment, said Senior Vice President of Operations Chris Bohlmann.
O los de Federico Merke sobre teoria de las relaciones internacionales y del derecho internacional; de Andrea Betti sobre el derecho internacional; los de Marta Fernandez Moreno sobre relaciones internacionales, misiones internacionales y seguridad; R.
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The 4-year-old's body was found in Merke district on May 18.
A identificacao das instituicoes regionais foi proposta por quatro estudos recentes: Buzan & Pelaez (2009), que analisaram a sociedade regional do Oriente Medio, Schouenborg (2009), da Escandinavia, Diez, Manners e Whitman (2013), da Uniao Europeia, e Merke (2014), da America do Sul.