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or mer·lot  (mər-lō′, mĕr-)
1. A variety of grape originally grown in the Bordeaux region of France that is used to make red wine.
2. A dry red wine made from this grape.

[French, young blackbird, Merlot, diminutive of merle, blackbird (probably from the color of the grape), from Old French; see merle1.]


n (sometimes not capital)
1. (Plants) a black grape grown in France and now throughout the wine-producing world, used, often in a blend, for making wine
2. (Brewing) any of various wines made from this grape
[from French merlot, literally: young blackbird, diminutive of merle merle1, probably alluding to the colour of the grape]


(ˈmɜr loʊ, mɛrˈloʊ)

n. (often l.c.)
1. a dark blue grape used in winemaking, esp. in Bordeaux and California.
2. a red wine made from this grape.
[< French]
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Noun1.Merlot - black wine grape originally from the region of BordeauxMerlot - black wine grape originally from the region of Bordeaux
common grape vine, vinifera, vinifera grape, Vitis vinifera - common European grape cultivated in many varieties; chief source of Old World wine and table grapes
2.Merlot - dry red wine made from a grape grown widely in Bordeaux and California
red wine - wine having a red color derived from skins of dark-colored grapes
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Posteriormente y gracias a los aportes de la fenomenologia, inaugurada con Husserl en 1910 y desarrollada posteriormente por Heidegger, Gadamer y Merlau Ponty entre otros, se inicio un trazado que privilegia la interpretacion, el analisis critico y la comprension de los fenomenos o situaciones por sobre la mera explicacion (Ferraris, 2002).
El autor toma como punto de referencia las obras de Hegel, Heidegger, Wittgenstein y Merlau Ponty para efectuar una critica, a traves de la obra de Charles Taylor, a los cambios filosoficos ocurridos, especialmente en el campo epistemologico, a partir del siglo XVII, lo cual tuvo repercusion en todos los aspectos de la cultura.
Contact Kim Merlau Coleman at 541-505-9439 for more information.
El amante de Zaza, nombrado como Pradelle (el filosofo Merlau Ponty) se halla entregado sin limites--igual que Zazaa la hiperbolica, poderosa y fatal figura materna.
Kenneth Merlau had joined the SteelWorks board and been appointed chairman, while Mark Lister and James Feigley have also joined existing members Brian Hajost and Edward Murchie on the board.
Born into the lower nobility, Johann Eleonora von und zu Merlau was placed at age thirteen as a lady-in-waiting to the duchess of Schleswig-Holstein Sonderburg.
Johanna Eleonora Petersen, nee von Merlau (1644-1724), had come under the spell of "the father of German Pietism" Philipp Jacob Spener in 1672, married one of Spener's followers in 1680 at the age of thirty-six, and worked beside her pastor husband as his partner in promoting Pietist ideas.