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or mer·lot  (mər-lō′, mĕr-)
1. A variety of grape originally grown in the Bordeaux region of France that is used to make red wine.
2. A dry red wine made from this grape.

[French, young blackbird, Merlot, diminutive of merle, blackbird (probably from the color of the grape), from Old French; see merle1.]


n (sometimes not capital)
1. (Plants) a black grape grown in France and now throughout the wine-producing world, used, often in a blend, for making wine
2. (Brewing) any of various wines made from this grape
[from French merlot, literally: young blackbird, diminutive of merle merle1, probably alluding to the colour of the grape]


(ˈmɜr loʊ, mɛrˈloʊ)

n. (often l.c.)
1. a dark blue grape used in winemaking, esp. in Bordeaux and California.
2. a red wine made from this grape.
[< French]
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Noun1.Merlot - black wine grape originally from the region of BordeauxMerlot - black wine grape originally from the region of Bordeaux
common grape vine, vinifera, vinifera grape, Vitis vinifera - common European grape cultivated in many varieties; chief source of Old World wine and table grapes
2.Merlot - dry red wine made from a grape grown widely in Bordeaux and California
red wine - wine having a red color derived from skins of dark-colored grapes
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celebrates the seventh anniversary of its annual Merlot in May event at the winery on May 12, when 130 domestic and international merlot producers will be pouring 200 different merlots.
Some 85 wineries are now in business, many of them hot boutique operations that have upped the ante on an industry once characterized by centuries-old technology and only the most basic varieties of reds, like hearty Cabernet Sauvignon and Chile's famous fruity Merlots.
Rengo, Chile - Chilean Merlots are now catching on here as well as in the USA.
Moreover, as anyone who's ever tasted a lineup of California Merlots knows, the whole shtick about Merlot being "softer" than other reds is a bunch of malarkey.
During the 12-month period ending December 7, 20071, dollar sales of domestically produced Merlots rose 6%, led by category leader Blackstone Winery, whose benchmark Merlot jumped 11.
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From intense and supple to fruit bombs, with tannins running from soft to firm, the merlots the panel selected demonstrate the varietal's full spectrum.