Mermaid fish

(Zool.) the angel fish (Squatina).

See also: Mermaid

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Star, who owns the Mermaid Fish and Chip Bar in Chesterfield, and Salah, from Sheffield, were remanded in custody.
The best fish and chips can be found at The Mermaid fish bar.
5kg egg eventually turned up on Friday - the day before the world record attempt at the Mermaid Fish Bar in Leith.
Providers such as Llandudno Smokery, Tan Lan Bakery, Mermaid Fish Merchants and Blas ar Fwyd, all of whom are within 15 miles from the hotel, supply the raw ingredients for the extensive menu offerings.
Earlier this year, mum-of-two Tracy Cole of the Mermaid Fish Bar, Llanedeyrn, lost her bid for a licence which she said would have breathed new life into her family business.
His body was found last Wednesday week in a freezer at the rear of the Mermaid fish shop in Henry Street, Galway.
Mr Lodge went into partnership with his brother-in-law ,Tony Ellis, and the pair set up the Mermaid fish restaurant in Crackenedge Lane, Dewsbury.
They bought the business - formerly Mermaid Fish Supplies - two years ago because he wanted a "normal job".
The menu has a sprinkling of colorfully titled dishes like all-star or sweetheart tofu, love boat shrimp and scallops, sweet mermaid fish, heat wave shrimp, and a shrimp and crab meat dish called ocean view.
Hazhar Star, known as Andy, was arrested as he slept above the Mermaid fish bar he ran with his brother in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
The Mermaid Fish Bar was victorious in the competition that included runners-up Chippy Dre in Tremadog, and O My Cod in Bangor.
Mum-of-two Tracy Cole has been running the Mermaid Fish Bar, in Llanedeyrn, for 10 years and applied for a licence for it to become the first chippy in Cardiff to sell alcoholic drinks.