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also Mer·o·we  (mĕr′ō-ē′)
An ancient city of northern Sudan on the Nile River northeast of Khartoum. The capital of a Cushite dynasty from 530 bc to ad 350, it was noted for its iron smelting and casting.


(Placename) an ancient city in N Sudan, on the Nile; capital of a kingdom that flourished from about 700 bc to about 350 ad


(ˈmɛr oʊˌi)

a ruined city in Sudan, on the Nile: a capital of ancient Ethiopia that was destroyed A.D. c350.
Mer′o•ite` (-oʊˌaɪt) n.
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JOHN GARSTANG AND THE MEROE HEAD OF AUGUSTUS: As part of the BBC Civilisations Festival, The Victoria Gallery & Museum are displaying the famous Meroe Head of Augustus, on loan from the British Museum.
As a next step, a roadmap to jumpstart cultural tourism in Sudan to the two World Heritage sites of Meroe and Jebel Barkal is being developed in accordance with Unesco standards.
In April 2017, the Egyptian media had already attacked the Sudanese pyramids of Meroe after a visit to the area by Sheikha Mouza bint Nasser of Qatar to these archaeological sites.
Zohreh Mahmoodi [1], Masoud Karimlou [2] *, Homeira Sajjadi [3], Masoomeh Dejman [4], Meroe Vameghi [5] and Mahrokh Dolatian [6]
Las poblaciones de la zona han sido muy dinamicas y moviles, bien por quedar subsumidas en los imperios (como el etiope, a partir del 1600 AD), reinos (como el de Meroe o Axum hacia el 100 AD o el de Funj hacia el 1600) o jefaturas (como la de los Oromo) que se desarrollaban a su alrededor, o bien para resistirse a su dominacion (Gonzalez Ruibal 2014: 55).
Moreover, the minister's statement coincided with the recent visit by the Queen Mother of Qatar, Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, to the pyramids of Meroe.
The conference followed a campaign launched by some Egyptian media outlets ridiculing Sudan's cultural monuments after a visit by the Queen Mother of Qatar, Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, to the pyramids of Meroe.
President, Distinguished guests, The long historical ties between Ethiopia and Sudan dates back to the time when Meroe and Axum were great cities known for their astounding civilizations.
Meroe, est mentionne au livre 4, mais il est chronologiquement situe avant son arrivee en Gr?
Known variously over the past five millennia as Kush, Napata, Meroe, and Makuria, this region has a tremendously rich and diverse cultural heritage, with a wealth of archaeological sites.
En nuestra opinion, es convincente la hipotesis de Aja, que el mismo acota con <<demasiadas preguntas y demasiadas incertidumbres>>, de que Estrabon se situa en la perspectiva del rio, es decir, mirando de sur a norte, y que la ciudad de Meroe se halla mas alla de la confluencia del Astobaras y el Nilo, y que se debe identificar el primero de ellos con el Nilo Azul, no con el actual Atbara, cuya confluencia se situa en la actual Jartum (p.
An embassy from the people of Axum, for example, is referred to as one of the delegations who travel to Meroe to congratulate Hydaspes on his victory over the Persians (10.