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A salicylate drug derived from sulfasalazine, C7H7NO3, used primarily to treat inflammatory bowel disease.



(USAN), mesalazine (INN) n mesalamina, mesalazina (INN)
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Contract notice: Conclusion of non-exclusive discount agreements pursuant to section 130a (8) sgb v on medicines containing the active substance mesalazine (atc: A07ec02) as part of a so-called open-house model.
Underpinning the financial results in the period under review is a continued focus on the key growth drivers, encompassing first-to-opportunity generics, such as losartan and mesalazine and proprietary brands, including Po Chai Pills, Ho Chai Kung and Shiling Oil.
After establishing the diagnosis of UC, he was treated with hydrocortisone and mesalazine.
Mesalazine for diverticular disease of the colon – A new role for an old drug.
Replacement of this substance with mesalazine seems to also restore male fertility [20].
DG was effective for maintaining remission of symptomatic, uncomplicated diverticular disease, and that the combination of the probiotic and mesalazine was more effective than the probiotic by itself.
However, the primary disease could not be controlled fully and he is still being monitored with azathioprine, mesalazine and low molecular weight heparin.
Non-pathogenic Escherichia coli versus mesalazine for the treatment of ulcerative colitis: a randomized trial.
Mesalazine, sulfasalazine and other 5-aminosalicylic acid (ASA) derivatives are considered currently drugs of choice for the management of most cases, while corticosteroids and immunosuppressants are retained for more severe forms of the disease.
Long term administration of the non-absorbable antibiotic Rifaxamin has also been used with reported success (68) as has the anti-inflammatory mesalazine (69).
Combined oral and sodium butyrate and mesalazine treatmen compared to oral mesalazine alone in colitis ulcerative: randomized, double blind, placebo controlled pilot study.