Moabite stone

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Mo´ab`ite stone

1.(Archæol.) A block of black basalt, found at Dibon in Moab by Rev. F. A. Klein, Aug. 19, 1868, which bears an inscription of thirty-four lines, dating from the 9th century b. c., and written in the Moabite alphabet, the oldest Phœnician type of the Semitic alphabet. It records the victories of Mesha, king of Moab, esp. those over Israel (2 Kings iii. 4, 5, 27).
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Amman, July 28 (Petra) -- French ambassador to Jordan, Caroline Dumas, said her country's government is well aware of the historical importance of the Mesha Stele, which has been in the Louvre Museum since 150 years, and stressed that the French government welcomes dialogue over returning this artifact to Jordan.
the inscriptions from Tel Dan, Tell Deir 'Alla, Kumillet 'Ajrud, Khirbet Khirbet Bet Layy, the Amman Citadel, and the Mesha stele.
19) Our knowledge of Moabite, of course, is limited, and the root kbr does not appear in the Mesha Stele or the few other Moabite remains in our possession.