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 (mĕz′ō-ə-mĕr′ĭ-kə, mĕs′-)
A region extending south and east from central Mexico to include parts of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and Nicaragua. In pre-Columbian times it was inhabited by diverse civilizations, including the Maya and the Olmec.

Mes′o·a·mer′i·can adj. & n.
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Noun1.Mesoamerican - a member of one of the various peoples inhabiting Mesoamerica
American - a native or inhabitant of a North American or Central American or South American country
Adj.1.Mesoamerican - of or relating to the people of Mesoamerica or their languages or culturesMesoamerican - of or relating to the people of Mesoamerica or their languages or cultures
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The agenda of the meeting focused on knowing the Work Plan of the joint Pro Tempore Presidency and the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan of the mechanism, among which the reactivation of the Promotion and Funding Commission (CPF), the continuation of the Consultation process for the formation of the Mesoamerican Business Council (CEM), the review of the proposal for the Framework Agreement for Functional Cooperation between the PM and the Central American Integration System (SICA), as well as the reports on the sectorial work carried out on the subject of transport, environmental sustainability, electrical interconnection, telecommunications and SMEs at the Mesoamerican level.
At the heart of the museum, in a vast room at the far end of the courtyard, the Aztec empire is presented as the culmination of some 2,000 years of Mesoamerican civilisation, the displays centring around the vast 'Sun Stone', unearthed in the centre of Mexico City at the end of the 18th century.
That a small band of conquistadors could defeat a massive army of Mesoamerican warriors proved the superiority of Western culture.
This accessible study reevaluates the role of French priest Charles <AEE>tienne Brasseur de Bourbourg, a 19th-century collector of indigenous books and manuscripts in in Mexico and Central America, as a founder of Maya studies and Mesoamerican studies.
Based on the results, the 52% and 48% of the bean genotypes were categorized as Mesoamerican and Andean originated genotypes.
Colonial Mesoamerican ethnohistorical scholarship rests on the assumption that both indigenous- and Spanish-authored sources, written and visual, offer valid--if sometimes biased--views of the prehispanic past.
The Mexicas, later called the Aztecs by the Spaniards, escaped oppression from their tyrannical rulers called the Azteca Chicomoztoca in northern Mexico because they heeded a calling from Huitzilopotchli, a Mesoamerican deity who promised them a glorious and powerful empire if they left the region.
They found the "well-preserved remains" of the royal palace on the north side of the El Palenque archaeological site and say the structure "exhibits certain architectural and organizational features similar to the royal palaces of much later Mesoamerican states described by Colonial-period sources.
Belize and Mexico have made the greatest progress in terms of implementing the necessary measures to save and protect the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, also known as the Great Mayan Reef, which stretches over 1000 kilometers from the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, down to Belize, Guatemala, and the Bay Islands of Honduras, says a report issued by the Healthy Reefs Initiative (Iniciativa Arrecifes Saludables) on March 10.
Synopsis: "In the Oneness of Time: The Education of a Diviner" by William Douglas Horden (a Master Diviner who works with the I Ching and pre-Hispanic MesoAmerican sacred tools) is an inspiring true story that draws the imagination into its own magical source, where things become possible, and possibilities become things.
They were blessing the trees through a modern variation of a Mesoamerican ceremony that dates back many generations, surviving the Spanish newcomers in 1530 by agreeing to become Catholic in exchange for protecting such rituals.
The Mesoamerican genus Cataractocoris described by Usinger (1941) includes the following three valid species.