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The part of a plant embryo or seedling plant that is between the cotyledons and the radicle or root.


(Botany) the part of an embryo plant between the cotyledons and the radicle
[C19: from hypo- + cotyl(edon)]
ˌhypoˈcotylous adj


(ˌhaɪ pəˈkɒt l)

the seedling stem that develops below the cotyledons in the plant embryo.
[1875–80; hypo- + cotyl (edon)]
hy`po•cot′y•lous, adj.
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In seedlings emerging in the absence of light, the mesocotyl extends below the cotyledonary nodes of up to 30 mm in length, connecting seedling to seed reserves (Figure 1E).
The study was designed to develop efficient regeneration protocols that could help in easy genetic transformation and mutation studies on MS medium containing various concentrations of TDZ-NAA, TDZ-2, 4-D and BAP-IBA using juvenile mesocotyl axis explant obtained from of one week old in vitro grown seedlings.
Sensitivity to pendimethalin is related to mesocotyl length that varies among rice cultivars.
The compound is absorbed by coleoptile, mesocotyl, roots and leaves.
Histological studies ind icated that the e-callus originated from the mesocotyl region of the seedling.
When a rice seed germinates, plant parts called the mesocotyl and coleoptile are the first to push forth.
Though few reports on plant regeneration system of Siberian wildrye grass through mature embryo, mesocotyl and leaf tip have been published (Li et al.
The root DW in the top 10-cm soil layer may have included the mesocotyl and the subcoronal internode immediately below the soil surface.
Temperature affects the mesocotyl and coleoptile length of grain sorghum genotypes.