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 (mĭ-sē′nē-ə, -sēn′yə)
An ancient region of southwest Greece in the Peloponnesus on the Ionian Sea. It fought a series of wars against Sparta c. 736 to 371 bc. The Romans conquered the area in 146 bc.

Mes·sen′i·an adj. & n.


(Placename) the southwestern area of the Peloponnese in S Greece


(məˈsi ni ə, -ˈsin yə)

a division of ancient Greece, in the SW Peloponnesus.
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Contract notice: Provision of services for the control of scams by the method of patching, with Mcphail traps in the olive groves, in the framework of the Olive Tree Disease Combat Program year 2018 , of the Regional Unity of Messenia ".
This raiding included an attack on the city of Methone in the helot homeland of Messenia, a strike into an area where the Spartans felt particularly vulnerable.
Later Wilamowitz went further in his Textgeschichte der griechischen Lyriker, Berlin: Weidmann, 1900, 102n1, and added potential influence from Plutarch's Life of Epaminondas at Messenia, 4.
The Spartans faced an immense internal threat from thousands of state-owned serfs known as helots, who in abject servitude farmed the lands of Laconia and Messenia.
Dr Gilbert, one of the scientists in the study, told WAM: "These fossils indicate that, instead, Old World monkey dispersal could have taken place through the Arabian Peninsula even before the Messenia Crisis.
The Spartans traced their enmity with Messenia to a supposed historical incident in which the Messenians abducted, raped and murdered several Spartan girls while they performed a ritual in honor of Artemis (Larson, Ancient 106).
She gained control of a rich territory in the valley of the Eurotas and in Messenia which gave her food enough for her citizens-warriors while she gained and maintained a political control of the commercial communities that lined the coasts of the Peloponessus.
at Athens), the Andanian Mysteries of Messenia, the Mysteries of Hagna at Lycosura, and the Mysteries of Demeter Eleusinia in Pheneus in Arcadia.
Usa-o, nao obstante, para designar o modo de vida dos Ciclopes, Leis, III 680 d 3; ou em relacao a fundacao e queda de Troia, Leis III, 682a 8, bem como a fundacao das cidades dorias Leis III, 682 e 5; 683 d 3; tambem a Argos, Messenia e Esparta, Leis III, 683 e 10-684a quando ele descreve a constituicao destes mesmos estados (BRISSON, 2005: p.
Messenia, the westernmost finger of the Peloponnese peninsula, has long been overlooked by travelers who traditionally prefer the Greek islands.
15) The non-Spartan inhabitants of Laconia and Messenia can be divided into two groups: helots and perioikoi.