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 (mĭ-sē′nē-ə, -sēn′yə)
An ancient region of southwest Greece in the Peloponnesus on the Ionian Sea. It fought a series of wars against Sparta c. 736 to 371 bc. The Romans conquered the area in 146 bc.

Mes·sen′i·an adj. & n.


(Placename) the southwestern area of the Peloponnese in S Greece


(məˈsi ni ə, -ˈsin yə)

a division of ancient Greece, in the SW Peloponnesus.
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Contract notice: Program of mosquito control with scope of selected areas of the natural, Peri-urban and rural system of the argolida, Arcadia, Korinthia, Laconia and messinia regional districts for the three-year period 2018-2019-2020.
Three of the victims, all elderly, died at separate locations in the Messinia province, in the southern Peloponnese peninsula.
Top family-friendly destinations include Crete; Halkidiki; Western Messinia, Peloponnese; Rhodes; Corfu; and the isles of the Cyclades.
But here in Messinia, in the southwest Peloponnese in southern Greece, I've just arrived at a resort development that's bucking that trend.
Martin Jukes found Elizabeth, 62, face down in the water at Messinia, south western Greece, close to the couple's holiday home.
When we reached the base of the Peloponnesus, we were in the province of Messinia, where my father was born in 1896.
The company specializes in the food and culture of Messinia, offering authentic products created in limited quantities by small-scale local Greek producers who adhere to strict quality-control guidelines in every step of the production process.
Makaris points out his work focuses on a specific region, Messinia 6 the heart attack impact could be even worse in the more urban capital, Athens.
A third study found that heart attacks rose sharply in the Messinia area of southwestern Greece since January 2008, the start of that country's financial crisis.
Finally, for several of the remaining prefectures of the third category with high sandy beaches, including Ilia, Messinia and Lasithi, it should be noted that the influence of indirect population dynamic to the direction of increasing urban sprawl had not begun yet, at least during the period under study.
2007, "Using GIS & Multicriteria Decision Analysis in landslide susceptibility mapping--Case study in Messinia prefecture area (SW Peloponnesus, Greece)," Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of the Geological Society of Greece, Athens, Greece, 1973-1985.