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(Serbo-Croatian ˈmɛʃtrɔvitʃ)
(Biography) Ivan (ˈivan). 1883–1962, US sculptor, born in Austria: his works include portraits of Sir Thomas Beecham and Pope Pius XI
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Kovacic's flat is fascinating as a survival, complete with his drawings, photographs and personal relics, including, poignantly, visiting cards left by his friend Adolf Loos and by Ruza, the wife of the great sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.
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The molecular phylogenetic analysis confirmed, in agreement with the molecular analysis of Mestrovic et al.
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Later in Heads and Tales she acknowledged the prejudice against women entering sculpture, something that was explained to her by another male mentor, Ivan Mestrovic, who warned her that she had to work against "the handicap of a preconceived idea that women were amateurs in art and took up sculpture as a diversion or a pastime.
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Ourkheim has been characterized as a conservative (Coser 1960; Nisbet 1952; Zeitlin 1981), a liberal (Strenski 2006; Lukes 1973; Prager 1981; Bellah 1973), a radical thinker with socialist tendencies (Pearce 2001; Gane 1992; Mestrovic 1992; Emirbayer 2003; Giddens 1986), or even as the precursor of Fascism (in Bellah 1973:xxxi; Llobera 1994:141).
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