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Making or showing awareness of reference to oneself or to the activity that is taking place, especially in an ironic or comic way.

[From meta- (as in metalanguage).]


(ˈmeɪtə; Spanish ˈmeta)
(Placename) a river in Colombia, rising in the Andes and flowing northeast and east, forming part of the border between Colombia and Venezuela, to join the Orinoco River. Length: about 1000 km (620 miles)


(ˈmɛt ə)

pertaining to or occupying positions (1, 3) in the benzene ring separated by one carbon atom. Compare ortho, para2.
[1875–80; independent use of meta-]


1. a prefix appearing in loanwords from Greek, with the meanings “after,” “along with,” “beyond,” “among,” “behind,” and productive in English on the Greek model: metacarpus; metalinguistics.
a. a combining form used in the names of acids, salts, or their organic derivatives that are the least hydrated of a given series: meta-antimonic HSbO3. Compare ortho- (def. 2a), pyro- (def. 2a).
b. a combining form used in the names of benzene derivatives in which the substituting group occupies the meta position in the benzene ring. Abbr.: m-
Also, esp. before a vowel, met-.
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