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Noun1.metaknowledge - knowledge about knowledgemetaknowledge - knowledge about knowledge    
cognitive content, mental object, content - the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned
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Deborah Schiffrin (1988) argues that "Y' know" has a major role in information state which progresses as participants' knowledge and meta-knowledge about the world is distributed through talk and as knowledge about information becomes more or less certain.
SDRL was used as a guideline for the meta-knowledge (i.
The main objective of the FERTINNOWA thematic network is to create a meta-knowledge database on innovative technologies and practices for fertigation of horticultural crops.
Secondly, they need to also give credit for the meta-knowledge acquired by the military while on multinational missions.
Philosophy of science and meta-knowledge in international business and management.
People perhaps suggest expanding the horizons of computer science with meta-knowledge derived from perspectives from other disciplines.
Had I read James Paul Gee back then, whose work has since become a cornerstone of my approach to literacy instruction, I would have added that acquisition occurs mainly through practice outside school rather than formal educational settings and that more direct instruction must engage not only the course material but also meta-knowledge about it.
The TMMS was the first instrument developed by the authors who originally identified the construct, and was designed to assess individual differences in the process of emotional regulation, involving what is called emotional meta-knowledge, which combines the monitoring, appraisal, and regulation of one's own feelings and emotions (Salovey et al.
Reflective knowledge is nothing more than meta-knowledge, on Sosa's official account of it, so the question is simply the question of whether, in the kaleidoscope case, one can know that one knows that a given object is red.
Discussion informed by member checking and relevant literature enabled us to reconceptualize how these themes relate to one another and to determine that meta-knowledge is an umbrella construct for group cohesion, mentoring, self-care, and transformation.
1), the Enterprise meta-Knowledge management level (Level 2), the Enterprise Knowledge Management level (Level 3), the Enterprise Management level (Level 4).
Explicit meta-knowledge in a declarative form is used for this purpose.